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Join Comedian Mark, Disney Bounder Miriam, Disney Foodie Tinker J, and Disney Dad Bondo, as they breakdown all the happenings in the Disney and Universal worlds, dream up new attractions, talk nonsense with fun guests and play ridiculous theme park trivia. It’s a hilarious theme park show for theme park fans on the home for every Disnerd, the Chip & Co. Podcast network!

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We Like Theme Parks # 322 – Universal’s Mega Movie Parade!

On this week’s episode, we breakdown every float on Universal’s brand-new day time extravaganza, the Mega Movie Parade! The gang gives you the skinny on all the high and lo’s and even pitch ideas for additional floats that would have made it even more magical! Ok, some of their ideas would make it better. Ok, mostly better thanks to Bondo’s left field ideas. So, get ready for nostalgia feels because Universal’s Mega Movie Parade is full of all your studio favs! And yes….there’s a shark! A great one! So let’s dig in, right here on this week’s episode of the We Like Theme Parks Podcast on the Chip and Co. Podcast Network!

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