Friends of the Podcast

The people below are all amazing. They have given us their time, know how, jokes, stories and theme park passion, and without it them and their support, our podcast wouldn’t be as good. I mean, it would still be GOOD, but you know what we mean…..Thank you…

Dustin Fuhs – Dustin is a travel expert, trip planner, photographer, Disnerd and a OG member of our hosting team! Dustin is now off to new adventures! If you are looking for Disney trip tips and Top 5 Dis-Lists, check out Dustin’s Disney travel site
Fun Fact: You can find Dustin on the Universal Joint Podcast with Disney Insider Jim Hill!

Marty Adams – Marty is a comedian, Disney nut, Halloween encyclopedia and regular guest on the pod. He’s a Second City Alumnist and can be seen in a ton of films and television shows. Marty is a proud Villains League finalist and Halloween analyst.
Fun Fact: Marty gets brutally murdered in Saw 4. Check it out!

Tod Bovington – Tod (aka Todio), is a professional sound designer, operator and tv producer. Tod is passionate about sound and theme parks. He hosted a regular segment called Extra Magic during the early days of the pod and also hosts audio King of the Castles.
Fun Fact: Tod carries microphones around with him. We know this from experience.

Greg Komorowski – Greg is a Chicago based comedian, TV game show host and Second City performer. Greg is also a huge RunDisney dude and fellow dis-nerd! Greg has joined the gang on numerous occasions as a judge or a co-host! Thanks Greg!
Fun Fact: Greg’s podcast, “Watch & Weight, with Tab & Greg” is weight loss podcast…handy after a Disney holiday!

Marco Timpano – Marco is to our podcast as Obi-Wan Kenobi is to Luke Skywalker. Marco has been instrumental in guiding us along the way in all facets of the podcast experience, from technical needs, to content creating and everything in between along with being a guest as well. Marco has his own podcast network, including these fantastic podcasts “The Insomnia Project”, “Every Place is the Same”, “Eat & Drink” and “Born on this Day Podcast”. Marco recently published a book about podcasting called “25 Things I Wish I knew About Podcasting”. If you are getting into this medium, do yourself a favor and get this book.
Fun Fact: Marco’s is married to Amanda Barker, our Disney Springs dining specialist! 

Dale Boyer – Dale is another Second City Alumn and star on the small screen. If you watch TV, you have seen Dale in a commercial giving somebody the stink eye. Dale’s judging skills have been essential during our Villains League event and the World Showcase Showdown competition. You can catch Dale on the “Live at the Centre” podcast.
Fun Fact: Dale is also a writer, who co-penned the stage version of George A Romero’s “Night of the Living Dead”, with her husband Trevor Martin and We Like Theme Parks Co-Host, Chris Bond.

Amanda Barker – Amanda is a talented actor & writer hailing from great state of Massachusetts. She’s all over your small screen from doing commercials, day playing on television and featured in a ton of Hallmark movies! She is not a disnerd but has eaten at Disney springs with her husband Marco Timpano more than anyone we know! 
Fun Fact: Amanda co-created “Little Black Dress, The Musical” with….you guessed it….Chris Bond. 

Matthew Yipchuck – Matthew is a Funko Pop junky and Disney Princess supernerd. An avid solo tripper, Matt also hosts his wild and informative Youtube show, “Teacup for One”! He’s a jolt of Disney energy and a pleasure on the podcast! 
Fun Fact: Matthew not only loves Funkos, he’s a Funko photographer…it’s actually a thing! 

Gabriella – If you ever wanted to know anything about Disney bathrooms, Gabriella is your hookup! This Texas gal is a Disney toilet expert and you can follow her watercloset exploits on instagram @wdw_bathrooms.  And yes, this is real.
Fun Fact: How did Gabriella become an expert in this field? … a wicked small bladder. 

Nigel Downer – Besides being a Second City alumn and the Co-star of “Bit Playaz” on Amazon Prime, Nigel is a hardcore Marvel nerd and the king of comic merchandise! Nigel is our go to for anything MCU and beyond! 
Fun Fact: Nigel is always rocking the freshest superhero hats and Tee’s! #exclusee! 

Rosie Rosales – Rosie is the creative mastermind behind We Like Theme Parks, The Puppets and co-host of the Disney Underground show on Youtube. His hilarious puppet takes on the podcast are beautifully crafted with all the love and care of a true Muppet fan. Wakka wakka buddy! 
Fun Fact: Rosie’s overalls look so comfy. I think I’ll get some…

Thanks and love go out to: Paul Moukperian and Franco Cipolla for making this website possible! And big warm character hugs to Debbie Bond, Mama & Papa Kenly, Webbigail, Trevor Martin, Hubert Hsu, Vageli, along with everybody who’s listened, followed or supported us. We thank you and appreciate you.