About the Hosts


Mark Andrada is an award winning comedian and solo Disney trip savant. While gracing the big and small screens or performing in sketch comedy, puppet shows or clown all over North America, Mark has always found time to pay tribute to the Mouse. Mark is also a lighting designer, a DJ, a pro wrestling nerd and an ice cream connoisseur.

FAVORITE PARK RIDE: The Carousel of Progress

Miriam Kenly is a passionate Disney Bounder and Theme Park fashion influencer. Hailing from the west coast and calling Disneyland her home park, Miriam loves classic Disney and everything pretty. See if you can catch Miriam at Disneyland in one of her ten daily outfit changes for her own brand @thechurrofund.

FAVORITE PARK SPOT: Snow White’s Wishing Well

Chris Bond is a writer/director and first class Disney Dad. As a storyteller himself, Chris is a theme park junky and notorious Disney snacker. After years of theme parking debauchery among friends, Chris has turned the page and now focuses on family fun with his two daughters, Mason and Devon. Whether it’s Star Wars, Peter Pan, or the Jungle Cruise, the brainwashing has begun and Chris is loving every minute of it.

FAVORITE DISNEY MOVIE: Tron (don’t roll your eyes!)

(This guy does our music!!)
Mike Trebilcock
is a rock star. Literally. Mike is the front man of the alternative rock band The Killjoys. He’s toured all over and done the rock star thing. Mike has trashed more hotels than all our guests combined. Now Mike scores feature films and occasionally writes jingles for his friends podcasts. Ok, one friend. Sorry Mike. We love you, you’re golden.

Mike’s Favorite Disney Park: “I don’t Disney….”