WLTP # 290 Disney Halloween Trivia Challenge with Gabriella from WDW Bathrooms & comedian Marty Adams!

With the rest of the pod squad in Orlando for HHN, Bondo is left flying solo for this week’s pod. But don’t fret Disnerds, cause he’s got back up, as Gabriella from WDW Bathrooms and the co-star of Home Sweet Home Alone, Marty Adams join Bondo for a celebration of Halloween park fun!
Bondo and our guests whip up sick ideas for HHN style attractions for Disney parks, Gabriella gives us all the latest in Disney bathroom news and we celebrate the spooky season with a King of the Castle Disney Trivia Challenge, as Marty and Gabriella go head to head answering ridiculously scary Disney trivia!
So, get your jack-o-lantern shined up and grab a stick of Juicey Fruit, cause this pod is gonna move ya, all the way to HalloweenTown! All the laughs and trivia is coming at you right here on this week’s episode of the We Like Theme Parks Podcast on the Chip and Co. Podcast Network!