WLTP # 285 Journey of Water cast previews! Trams to return! New Disneyland Halloween Treats Pop It or Drop it?!

Halloween season is in full swing at the parks, and we got all the fall fun! This week, we bring you all the new Halloween snacks coming to Disneyland for the spooky season, so you know it’s time for Bondo’s favorite segment! It’s Pop It or Drop it?! Would you put these new snacks in your mouth or are you giving them the boot?! Find out what yum yums the gang are poppin and droppin!
And let’s not forget all the cool news in the parks! We got details on the trams returning to Epcot and Hollywood Studios, HHN early observations and cast previews for the Journey of Water attraction at Epcot!
We got all the deets, creeps and treats you can swing a stick at this Halloween, and it’s all right here on this week’s episode of the We Like Theme Parks Podcast on the Chip and Co. Podcast Network!