WLTP # 281 Villians League Championship Final! Hades vs. Dr. Facilier! Tamatoa vs. Henry Waternoose! King Candy vs. AutoPilot and more!

It’s the Disney Villains League match you’ve been waiting for! It’s the Championship Final! And our Disnerdy celebrity challengers are ready to throw down in the greatest battle of all-time! It’s the winner of the Disney Vloggers Division, Greg Gately from the Funatics Blog and his team “The Glitches” going head-to-head with, the Co-star of Bit Playaz on Amazon Prime, and the winner of the Disney Comedians Division, Nigel Downer and his team, D.E.M.O. It’s a show down for the ages as Hades collides with Dr. Facilier, Pain & Panic clashes with Dr. Facilier’s Shadow, and Tamatoa and Henry Waternoose lock claws in a crab-tastic tussle for crustacean supremacy!

Featuring guest star judges, Gabriella from WDW Bathrooms, the Enchanted Esquire Haley, and the co-star of Home Sweet Home Alone, comedian Marty Adams! It’s a star-studded barnburner with one of the craziest endings in Villain’s League history! It’s the 2022/23 Villain’s League Championship Finals it’s right here on this week’s episode of the We Like Theme Parks Podcast on the Chip and Co. Podcast Network!