WLTP # 276 Muppetpalooza Part 1! Ranking the Muppet Movies & New Ideas for Muppet Shows in the Parks!

On this episode of We Like Theme Parks, it’s Muppetpalooza Part 1! Why are we celebrating the Muppets? Why not!!! Today, Miriam, Bondo and Mark rank their favorite Muppet feature films, from the original Muppet Movie to the recently spooky Muppet Haunted Mansion! And then, with more Muppets needed in the parks, the gang concoct new ideas for park shows featuring Jim Henson’s creations. The gang whip ideas for new shows in Tomorrowland, Adventureland and Disney Paris!
It’s a Muppet party on the pod! Join us for all the fuzzy felt fun right here on this week’s episode of the We Like Theme Parks Podcast on the Chip and Co. Podcast Network!