WLTP #253 – Disney Villains League Round 1 Match – Hades vs. Mim! King Candy vs. Bowler Hat Guy! & More!

The Disney Villian’s League is back and round 1 begins with an incredible barnburner! This week, we kick things off with the Disney Bloggers division, as our 2022 champion Miriam Kenley is back with her squad of baddies, as she takes on DVL newcomer from Chip and Co. News, Greg Gately and his gang of brutes! With incredible match ups like Hades vs. Madame Mim, Rattigan vs. Henry Waternose, Brutus & Nero vs. Si & Am, Pain & Panic vs. Horace & Jasper, this battle is poised to be an instant classic! Join the rest of the crew, including special guest judge and the Queen of Batuu, Nikki Reining, as they weigh in and select the winners. It’s a ridiculous and hilarious Disney Villains debate for the ages and it’s right here on the We Like Theme Parks podcast!!