WLTP #242 – Fast and Furious Coaster & Ministry of Magic attraction rumors & Halloween on Disney+!

This week on We Like Theme Parks, we got news, rumors and Marc Valentine! Now that’s a hat trick!

The Dislife Podcast’s own Marc Valentine gives his views on the rumored Fast and Furious Hollywood Drift coaster coming to Universal Hollywood and the upcoming Ministry of Magic attraction planned for Universal’s Epic Universe. Also, Marc and Bondo weigh in on the upcoming price hikes coming to Disney parks and their shared appreciation for Disney legend, Angela Lansbury.

And later, we want to help you get into the spirit of Halloween, and what better way, than to shine a light on some of the best and spooky content on Disney + for you to enjoy this holiday season!

We got news, scary Disney and a ton of laughs and it’s all right here on this week’s episode of We Like Theme Parks!