WLTP #230 – Is Genie Plus Worth It? Bondo & Miriam Disneyland Trip report!

Today on We Like Theme Parks, Bondo returns from his work sabbatical! Hurray! And Bondo and Miriam went to Disneyland together!! Hurray!! And now they are ready to talk about all the latest going on at Disneyland and all the mayhem that ensued on their magical journey!

And no west coast trip would be complete without talking about all the Disney food they eat and merch they brought home!

However, although every trip at Disney is enchanted, Bondo does have some opinions about the Disney Genie, the lack of shade and some of the food offerings! So don’t miss Bondo Beefs!

And, fresh of a west coast Disney trip, Miriam and Bondo rocked the Genie Plus. Is it worth the cash? Find out here!

Moreover, Bondo swung bye Universal Studios Hollywood to try out the new Secret Life of Pets ride…but did he actually get to ride it with his substantial booty?

We have the answers to that and so much more on this, this week’s episode of We Like Theme Parks!