WLTP #218 – Turning Red-isode! Reviewing the movie, creating an All-Disney character Boy Bands & ridiculous Pixar Trivia!

Today on the We Like Theme Parks Podcast, we celebrate our Youtube re-launch at the Disnerdy Network with a celebration of Disney’s newest hit, Turning Red!

This week we are joined by two members of the Disnerdy Network crew, Disney chef Allie K and Disney cast member, Vicky Mouse, as we break down all the highs and lows…ok, mostly highs… of Pixar’s latest triumph!

And to really get into the spirit of Turning Red, we are going to create our own Disney character Boy Bands! Which Disney characters do you think could make up the newest and hottest group since 4Town?

And while we’re feeling the Pixar vibes, it’s a Pixar themed Rhyme Time trivia challenge!

So come and get your Tdot Panda on, right here on the 218th episode of the We Like Theme Parks Podcast.