WLTP #217 – Tarzan loses his Tree at Disneyland & Don’t Forget The Lyrics the Disney Parks edition!

On this episode of the We Like Theme Parks Podcast, Tarzan loses his Tree and it’s a Disney Lyrical showdown!!!!

This week we are joined by two friends from the WLTP familia, as Tinker J and Gene Fitzmagic return to the show! With the news coming out of Disneyland that Tarzan’s Treehouse will be rethemed to a possible Encanto attraction, we decide to give Imagineers some alternate ideas as we Armchair Imagineer new concepts for that magical tree!

And then, Miriam and Bondo decide to add a new host to the show. Will it be Jeanette or Gene?!

Join us as these two opponents square off as they play Don’t Forget The Lyric, the Disney Park edition! Today they are singing all your favorite Disney Parks themes…but do you know the lyrics? See if you can beat our brainiacs as they compete to be our new co-host!

It’s a wild and crazy episode as we crown a new pod pal and dream up new Tree attractions for Disneyland and it’s all here on the 217th episode of the We Like Theme Parks Podcast!!