WLTP #213 – March Madness, the Ride! Round 3! And HHN 31 Speculation Map!

On this episode of the We Like Theme Parks Podcast, it’s Round 3 of March Madness, the Ride!

Have you ever wondered what fans thought the best Disney or Universal studios ride in the world is? Of course you did! Well get ready Disnerds, because all of your favorite rides are battling it out for theme park supremacy!

The bracket is set! 4 Colossal divisions! Disney West! Disney East! Universal USA & Disney International! 16 attractions remain and we need you to help your favorite rides move to the next round and move one step closer to being crowned the greatest attraction of all! It’s the Sweet Sixteen babeeee!

Today we are joined by special guest Magical Maddie B, as we vote through our favorite attractions!!

And just when you thought we were all about ride fights…we are talking HHN 31 speculation maps and Tron 3 rumors!! Fun stuff!

Which of your favorite attractions are going to move on to the third round and compete for all the attraction glory? All the action, mugs or otherwise, is happening right here on the 213th episode of the We Like Theme Parks Podcast!