WLTP #209 – Encantosode! Dreaming up Encanto attractions & Encanto Trivia!

Today on the podcast, We Don’t Talk about Bondo, but we talk a ton of Encanto with our Encanto celebration episode or…. the ENCANTOSODE!

This week we are joined by our friend and Disney super brain Tinker J, as we create new Encanto inspired attractions concepts for the Disney parks. And then, it’s a King of the Castle Trivia challenge for the ages! We hope you know your Encanto! Join us as we put our champ Miriam to the test as she is pitted against Disnerdy braniac Tinker J!

And we’re also joined by Lexann Romonosky from Castle Connection, the online Disney dating community! Are you single and looking for Disnerdy partners, cause Lexann will tell you why you have a home at Castle Connections!

So come on by our casita and enjoy the celebration of Encanto and much more, right here on the 209th episode of the We Like Theme Parks Podcast.