WLTP #207 – Top 5 Disney Bathrooms & the hilarious new game, The Mad Hatter’s Bladder!

Today on the podcast, we can’t hold it any longer! It’s time to run to the bathroom! The Disney Bathrooms that is!

This week we are joined by Gabriella from WDW Bathrooms to celebrate the final frontier of Disney creativity, Disney Toilets! Gabriella ranks the  top 5 johns on Disney property, Miriam tells us about the cutest things about Disney bathrooms and the whole gang come up with new concepts for themed bathrooms at Disney!

And just when you thought we were done with commodes, we play a new game called the Mad Hatter’s Bladder, where Gabriella guides the full bladdered Hatter to the closest bathroom before he makes a puddle! Will he make it in time or is he about to get flushed!?

Join us for all the potty party as we celebrate Disney Bathrooms and more and it’s all right here on the 207th episode of the We Like Theme Parks Podcast.