WLTP #206 – Improving Avengers Campus & Marvel Rhyme Time

Today on the podcast, we are living that superhero life!!!!

This week we are joined by Second City comedian and the co-star of Prime’s Bit Playaz, Nigel Downer as we talk new ideas to make Avengers Campus even better, we revisit our B-List Avengers to see if they are Campus bound and Miriam discovers all the cuteness in DCA’s Marvel town, with Marvel So Cute!

And then, it’s Nigel’s favorite, Rhyme Time, the Marvel edition! Can you do better than trivia queen Miriam or Nigel mega nerd Nigel?

Join us for all the super sized fun as we celebrate Avengers Campus and more and it’s all right here on the 206th episode of the We Like Theme Parks Podcast.