WLTP #200- Disneyland’s Merriest Nights with Leslie Seiler, and Disney+ Christmas Movie Game

On today’s show we are talking with our favorite Disneyland expert, Leslie Seiler! She is filling us in on all the details of Disneyland’s Christmas After Hours event, Merriest Nights! She is letting us know about all the food offerings at the parties as well as extra entertainment. She also let’s us know if it was worth the price of admission this year.

Leslie also got the chance to visit Club 33 on her holiday trip and fills us in on some of the details of what this storied club has to offer! We were enthralled as she told us tales of delicious meals and cocktails and magic paintings that come to life!

In our last segment we play a new game to see who has seen the most Christmas Movies available on Disney Plus! Who is the merriest of all? Get your answer with this festive frolic.

Tune in for some Christmas Cheer! It’s happening right here on the 200th episode of the We Like Theme Parks Podcast!