WLTP #197 – Disney Villain’s League Round 1! Ursula vs. Hades! Shan Yu vs. The Queen of Hearts! Shere Khan vs The Woozles!!

It’s the final match up of the first round of the Disney Villain’s League!!!

8 teams! 2 Divisions! It’s Disney Bloggers vs. Disnerdy Comedians!

In today’s episode, it’s our second match up in the Disney Bloggers division as Gene Maney from the Disney Underground Podcast on the FPE Network and his team Hades & Halal throws down with Gabriella from WDW Bathrooms and her squad the Toilets of Terror! It’s an incredible battle between two hilarious combatants, who will go head to head in a battle of wits, skill, and villainy.

Each opponent will square off in the 5 categories of Very Evil Pets, Cruel Cronies, Very Mean Human People, Beasts and ill Tempered Animals, and Magical Meanies and Other Dead Stuff. There can only be one winner to move onto the next round.

Tune in and find out which team will advance! It’s the Disney Villain’s League and it’s happening right here on the 197th episode of the We Like Theme Parks Podcast!