WLTP #196- Disney+ Day, Toon Town Redesign, and we celebrate Dapper Day and the Dapper Dans

On this episode of the We Like Theme Parks Podcast, we are donning our best Dapper duds and stepping out in style for Dapper Day!!

First we are talking some Disney news with the first celebration of Disney+ Day. There are so many new movies and shows coming to the streaming service and we can’t wait to dive in and talk about them.

Next we will talk about the much needed renovation in Toon Town and what changes to the iconic land Disneyland fans can expect.

In our main segment we discuss all things Dapper! Dapper Day weekend has just come and gone and we want to celebrate the beautiful occasion by giving a run down on the event and what makes it so special.

While we get into all things Dapper, we would be foolish not to mention the most dapper group to ever hit Mainstreet USA…. The Dapper Dans! Tune in as Miriam hosts Our Favorite Things with her top 5 Dapper Dans songs! It is a celebration of Music, style, and Mainstreet. You don’t want to miss this Dapper Doozie of a show!

It’s a Dapper Dandy of an episode and it’s all happening right here on the 196th episode of the We Like Theme Parks Podcast!