WLTP #175 – Celebrating Fantasyland! Retiring attractions, dreaming up new ones, games, fun and loads of Tuna!

On this episode of the We Like Theme Parks Podcast, we are making dreams happen in Fantasyland!

Today we take a sledge hammer to Fantasyland! The gang retires a bunch of attractions from Fantasylands at Disneyland AND the Magic Kingdom! And from the ashes will emerge shiny new attractions created by the pod squad! You know…Bondo. Mark and Miriam!

It’s a Retire Me AND Armchair Imagineering segments for Fantasyland, all in one show! Amazing!

That sounds like a full show….right?

But wait!!! We double dip the Fantasy fun with Mark’s favorite game….its Rhyme Time, The Fantasyland edition and it’s a barnburner (or stormer…your call)

And when you think it’s all done….it’s not! Cause…..tuna?! Yes…..tuna. Idk….just have a listen, ok?

You’ve now entered in a world of Fantasy and…tuna! And it’s all happening on the 175th episode of the We Like Theme Parks Podcast!