WLTP #174- Disney World Annual Passes are Back, Dapper Dans are Back, and Thrifty Tips to Save Money at Disney!

On this episode of the We Like Theme Parks Podcast, Chris is back! Dale Boyer is back! Disney World Annual Passes are back! Dapper Dans are back! What a time to be alive!!

Chris is still on vacation but he is joining us from his haunted cabin with Dale Boyer! They are weighing in on the Disney Genie news as well as helping us find ways to save money at the Disney Parks. Tune into this show to get some tips and tricks on how to save a few bucks and have fun in the process!

We also have all the details on the new annual pass program debuting in Walt Disney World on Sept 8th! We will be going over all the pricing, perks and, blackout dates for every tier.

Speaking of tears, we are crying tears of joy because the Dapper Dans are returning to Disneyland on Sept 3! It’s a Halloweentime miracle!!

So get ready for a a comeback right here on the 174th episode of the We Like Theme Parks Podcast!