WLTP #163 – Wild behind the scenes tales with a Disney Character Performer & Disney Prince Trivia!

On this episode of the We Like Theme Parks Podcast, we are going beyond the utili-doors and behind the scenes to discover what goes in the day in the life of a Disney Character cast member!

Today we are joined by Scott Storm, co-host of the Bobsleds and Banthas podcast and a former Disney Character performer. Scott has worn many faces in the parks, including Princes Phillip, Eric, Charming and Aladdin, and also furry friends like Tigger, Goofy, and so many more.

Scott tells us all about the audition process, character training, and the trails and tribulations of a character cast member, including some pretty harrowing moments of danger and pain, all in the name of “good show”! Scott is a trooper and you’ll want to hear his incredible tales!

And to prove Scott’s authenticity as a Disney Prince, we have some Disney Prince Trivia to test his princely IQ.

So get ready for a wild and bumpy ride friends, cause this cast member is about to spill more than tea baby and it’s all right here on the 163rd episode of the We Like Theme Parks Podcast!