WLTP #158- New Fastpass System in Disneyland Paris and Most Tempting Items in a Disney Ride

On this episode of the We Like Theme Parks Podcast, we are breaking some Fast Pass news from overseas and thinking over some steal worthy items from rides we love at Disney!

The Fast Pass system is changing and they are doing the trial run of the new system in Disneyland Paris. We talk all about it and give you the details as well as some pricing. You read that right! Fast Pass is about to mean $$$

Next, we are putting together an Ocean’s 11 style crew to plan a heist. A heist of all of our favorite items from any Disney ride. After hearing about the guest who jumped ship on Living With the Land to steal a cucumber, we decided to give it some thought and talk about the items in a Disney ride we are most tempted by. Disclaimer… DO NOT ATTEMPT TO STEAL ANYTHING FROM DISNEY. All items are simply beloved and we love talking about them. This is one Disney activity we would never attempt.

Now on with the show! It’s all right here on the 158th episode of the We Like Theme Parks Podcast!