WLTP #148 – Cruella, Ducks, Spiders and a rumored Disneyworld version of Express Pass! Oh my!!

On this episode of the We Like Theme Parks Podcast, we got news and a rumor! A rumor?! Yup, it’s rumor time!

And that rumor is an idea about bringing a jump the line style upcharge, similar to that of Universal Studios “Express Pass” to Disneyworld parks! We float the idea and give our thoughts about it, along with whether it could actually happen and the pros and cons as well!

We also dig deep into the news of Web Slingers offering an upgraded ride experience when you purchase an upgraded web shooter. Do we like the idea of paying for an enhanced ride experience?

But before all that, we got so much to discuss, from the release of the new Cruella flick, the finale of The Mighty Ducks, out of state travelers being aloud to come to Disneyland, the new Jurassic Park store at Universal Studios and so much more!

It’s a ton of news and other magical nonsense and it’s happening right here on 148th episode of the We Like Theme Parks Podcast!