WLTP #147 – Stealing attractions from Tokyo Parks & talking USJ with former Bride of Frankenstein!

On this episode of the We Like Theme Parks Podcast, we are traveling overseas to the land of the rising sun! Japan baby!

This week we are joined by Sarah Sosnoski, former co-star of Universal Studios Japan’s “Universal Monsters Live Rock and Roll Show” AKA Beetlejuice’s Graveyard Review!!

Sarah recounts her tale of how she wound up in Osaka for three years playing not only the Bride of Frank, but also Princess Fiona and Marilyn Monroe. She also spills the tea on all the shenanigans back stage, life in Osaka and facts and fun from one of the most beloved musical reviews ever at the Universal parks!

And then, Sarah and the team ransack all the Tokyo parks for attractions to take back stateside! Some brand new, and some retired attractions that still have life overseas! (i’m looking at you Jaws!).

So pack light and don’t eat and walk at the same time, cause we’re heading to the Japan and it’s happening right here on 147th episode of the We Like Theme Parks Podcast!