WLTP #134 – March Madness the Snacks Championship Final & Tron Legacy review

On this episode of the We Like Theme Parks Podcast, it’s March Madness, The Snacks! The Championship Final!!

The road to the greatest snack in all the Disney and Universal Parks ends here! What started out with 64 snacks from around the world has been whittled down to 2!!! Today’s finale pits Disney West’s world famous Dole Whip against Disney East’s Mickey Shaped Ice Cream Bar! The fans have spoken and we are ready to talk turkey….er….. sweet treats!

Who will win and be crowned the GOAT!!?? And who will win our March Madness Giveaway sponsored by Waltimere and Mick!!?? Stay tuned and find out!

And then, with Bondo away, Mark and Miriam will play! So what are they doing to ruffle Bondo’s feathers?…not much, just a review of TRON LEGACY!!!! How dare they!!!!! With special guests TinkerJ & comedian Nigel Downer, it’s a roundtable dissecting, praising and dumping on one of Bondo’s favorite movies. If you like Tron, check this out…if you hate Tron, check this out! Miriam is ready to unload after Bondo’s Cinderella review…Yikes programs!!!

So we got Snack championships, cool giveaways and a Tron Legacy review all in one pod!!! Whoa! You don’t want to miss the 134th episode of the We Like Theme Parks Podcast!