WLTP #129- Run Disney Trip Planning and Disney World Snack King of the Castle

On this episode of the We Like Theme Parks Podcast, we will be discussing plans for an upcoming Run Disney trip to Walt Disney World and also playing a snack themed King of the Castle!!

On today’s show we are joined by four special guests! Sheena and Shelby from the Body by Beignets podcast, Kiara from @inthemiddleofafairytale, and Jeannette of @Tinkerj787 are joining today’s show to talk about their upcoming plans to go to Walt Disney World for the Star Wars Run Disney event! We will be discussing the changes to the event now that it is a virtual run. We will also take a look at all their hotel, dining, and Disney Bound plans for their trip!

The fun doesn’t stop there! After all that planning we decided to take a break with a round of King of the Castle. It was a triple threat match to see who will be the number one contender! Listen as the ladies battle it out in a special Walt Disney World snack challenge!

Run don’t walk to hear all the fun on this episode! ¬†All this fun and more, right here on the 129th episode of the We Like Theme Parks Podcast!