WLTP #123 – A Touch of Disney, Volcano Bay re-opens & Norway vs. Mexico in the Showcase Showdown Semi-Finals!

On this episode of the We Like Theme Parks Podcast, the Battle of the World Showcase Lagoon is back!!

After a huge holiday season, a bunch of New Year’s resolutions and then romantical Valentinish fun, the War of the World Showcase rages again with our last semi-final! Jumping into the fray this week is Epcot nerd Gabriella from @wdw_bathrooms, who will represent the spiciest pavilion of all, Mexico! She will face off with the number 1 seeded and Frozenly IP’ed Norway pavilion. And who will be holding down the fjords of Norway, but none other than the Showcase bad boy himself, it’s Bondo!

And then, Miriam and the gang are going to unpack the latest news at Volcano Bay and talk about the highly anticipated “A Touch of Disney” event coming to DCA! All the details and opinions are coming forthwith amigos!

Who will reign supreme in this clash of Epcot juggernauts and move on to the finals against France! All this action and even more nonsense, right here on the 123rd episode of the We Like Theme Parks Podcast!