WLTP #101 – What to Wear at the Disney Parks & the World Showcase Showdown! France vs. The UK!

On this episode of the We Like Theme Parks Podcast, we are joined by special guest, comedian and Disnerd, Dale Boyer, as she subs in for Mark! We get caught up on all the latest news in the parks, from updates on park shows getting shut down to the extending Downtown Disney through Buena Vista street!

Then we answer the question that every Dis-nerd wants to know.  What do I wear?! We got you covered, as Chris, Miriam and Dale map out their approaches to wearing the right outfit for the parks. Are they style driven or built for comfort? It’s all revealed!

And later, the World Showcase Showdown continues as the Battle of Europe comprises our first semi-final match up! It’s France, represented by superstar Dale Boyer and the UK captained by Funko Professor, Matthew Yipchuck! It’s Fish and Chips vs. Baguettes and Brie!

Which country will advance to the championship final? It’s all happening right here  on this, the 101st episode of the We Like Theme Parks Podcast!