We Like Theme Parks # 320 – Universal’s Dark Universe Land Announcements & Mike Trebilcock, the Game!

On this week’s episode, we breakdown all the latest announcements from Universal Studios pertaining to the most legendary land at Epic Universe…..Dark Universe! All the new rides, food offerings and entertainment from your favorite classic horror monsters are chopped up by the pod squad, in what looks to be Universal’s most ambitious land ever!
And while we are feeling those spoopy vibes, we celebrate We Like Theme Parks own resident composer Mike Trebilcock, as Miriam and Tinker J try to guess which crazy horror movie titles are from the Trebilcock library! It’s Mike Trebilcock , The Game!
So, get charged up, Franken-style, as we learn about more, about Darkmoor (hey-oh!) and play the most ridiculous game yet, right here on this week’s episode of the We Like Theme Parks Podcast on the Chip and Co. Podcast Network!