We Like Theme Parks # 312 – PixarFest, Disney Adventure World Paris, Drone Wars and fixing Hollywoodland at DCA!

On this week’s episode, we get caught up on all the news around the parks, including all the details for Pixarfest at Disneyland and DCA, all the new attractions and changes coming to Disney Studios Park in Paris and everything in between!
And later, after a recent visit to DCA, we agree that it’s time to make all of Hollywoodland sparkle! So today, we are fixing the side street behind Hollywood Boulevard, the sleepiest spot in all of DCA! Will a Marvel theme extend into the land or perhaps an homage to a forgotten original ride? Hollywoodland needs a makeover, and we got it covered!
It’s a Hollywood affair with more news than a paperboy can toss at ya and it’s all happening on this week’s episode of the We Like Theme Parks Podcast on the Chip and Co. Podcast Network!