We Like Theme Parks # 307 – March Madness 2024, The Animatronics! More Round 1! Disneyworld & Disney International!

March Madness is here, as 64 of the greatest audio animatronics from around the globe from Disney and Universal parks square off in a tournament for the ages!
Today, we host 16 colossal showdowns from the Disneyworld and Disney International conferences! Join our panel of judges, including special guest Matt Yipchuck from Youtube’s Teacup 4 One, as they vote along with you to decide who will advance to the next round!
Don’t miss matchups like Carnatorous vs. Teddi Berra! Disco Scientist vs. the Dirty Foot Pirate! Kylo Ren vs. Hondo Ohnaka and so much more!
March Madness, the Animatronics is here and it’s all happening on this week’s episode of the We Like Theme Parks Podcast on the Chip and Co. Podcast Network!