B-List Avengers audition for Avengers Campus, If I Were an Imagineer & your responses to favorite Disney Snacks!

On this episode of the We Like Theme Parks Podcast, we kick things off with a wave of treats suggestions from our fans after hearing our favs on our last pod, and these pitches are delicious!

Then we ask the question that every Dis-nerd wants to be ask. If you were an imagineer, what would your dream job at Disney be?! Chris, Mark and Miriam all map out there dream gigs working for the mouse!

And then, after a personal tangent about how much Chris sleeps and his preference for Facetime, we get into the meat of the episode when B-List Avengers, (heroes who you’ve never heard of, who ARE or WERE Avengers in the comics), audition to the We Like Theme Parks panel for access to the Avengers Campus at DCA.

Wanna cool selfie with Sub Mariner or Captain Canada? Have a listen and see which second rate supers make the cut! All that and even more nonsense on this, the 97th episode of the We Like Theme Parks Podcast!