Disney Don’t Forget The Lyrics & we discuss IP’s vs Original Concepts for E-Ticket Park attractions!

On this episode of the We Like Theme Parks Podcast, we kick things off with a special discussion about whether we prefer original concepts for new attractions at the Disney parks or are we satisfied with the IP’s only approach that now reigns supreme, 

Then, we have a friendly competition of “Disney Don’t Forget the Lyric”, where Mark and Miriam go head to head to see how is the greatest Disney lyricsmith (I just made up a new word).

And later, we have an all out debate over who we think played Spiderman the best! 

All this nonsense and so much more on this, the 74th episode of the We Like Theme Parks Podcast!

Finally, a theme park pod that focuses on fun! Join Insider Dustin Fuhs, along with comedian Mark Andrada, Disney Bounder Miriam Kenly and dude with a microphone Chris Bond, as they breakdown all the happenings in the Disney and Universal worlds, dream up new attractions and play ridiculous theme park trivia. It’s a hilarious theme park show for theme park fans. Get your nerd on and laugh your Mickey ears off with the We Like Theme Parks Podcast!