WLTP # 255 – Disney Villains League – Maleficent vs. Stinky Pete! Scar vs. Prince John! Aunt Sarah vs. Big Boy Caprice!

This week, the Disney Villain’s League continues as two mega squads of mega meanies from the Disney Comedians division clash! It’s We Like Theme Park’s World Showcase Showdown Champion and second city comedian, Dale Boyer, and her team, the Wedway People Eaters! Dale will be going head-to-head with Mr. Halloween himself, Second City Comedian and the co-star of Home Sweet Home Alone, it’s Marty Adams and his team Noah’s Sark!
With so many incredible match ups, this week us utterly ridiculous as Dale competes with a team selected by the rest of her competitors! Can she turn the chicken poop into chicken salad and upset Marty’s stacked squad! Stick around and find out on this week’s episode of the We Like Theme Parks Podcast!