WLTP #208 – Disney Villain’s League Finals! Mad Madame Mim vs. Dr. Facilier! Scar vs. Kaa! Kronk vs. Lock, Shock & Barrel!

It’s the Disney Villain’s League Finals!!!

After months of villainy, the path to the championships ends here! ┬áThe Disney Bloggers division champion Miriam Kenley and her team Miriam’s Malevolent Masterminds goes face to face with the Disnerdy Comedians division champ Nigel Downer and his team Downer’s Injustice Society of Sinisterlies AKA DISS!

With guests judges Matt Yipchuck, Marty Adams & Gene Fitzmagic, these two goon squads throw down in an epic debate battle that turns nail bitter for the ages!

It’s Mad Madame Mim vs. Dr. Facilier! Kaa vs. Scar! Madame Medusa Vs. Syndrome! Kronk vs. Lock, Shock & Barrel & Brutus & Nero vs. Diablo!!

Don’t miss all the mayhem and fun! It’s the Disney Villain’s League Championship Final and it’s happening right here on the 208th episode of the We Like Theme Parks Podcast!