WLTP #166- Disney’s Magic Key Annual Passes are Revealed, Is it Worth It After Hours Edition, and Armchair Imagineering After Hours Events

On this episode of the We Like Theme Parks Podcast, we have all the Magic Key Annual Pass information for you! We will also be discussing Disney After Hours events for all the Disney fans who like to stay out after dark!

The new annual pass system has been revealed for Disneyland and we are giving you the details on what it all means! We are breaking down what you can expect from the new system, what is included in each new tier, and just a few of our own opinions on all the changes. It is a comprehensive guide to these new keys to the kingdom!

After we get our new Magic Keys all handed out we will be taking a look at the parks by dark! We will be discussing Disney After Hours events at Disneyland as well as the Magic Kingdom and answering the age old question… Is it worth it??

Next, we will be sticking with Disney after dark as we armchair Imagineer some fun and exciting new ideas we would like to be turned into after hours events.

So get ready to use your new Magic Key to unlock all the fun in this episode! It’s all right here on the 166th episode of the We Like Theme Parks Podcast!