WLTP #132- March Madness: The Snack Final 4, Disneyland Reopening Information, Velocicoaster News, and Worst Disney Snacks

On this episode of the We Like Theme Parks Podcast, it’s March Madness, The Snacks! The Final 4!! We also discuss some Disneyland Reopening News, the Velocicoaster opening date, and our least favorite Disney snacks we want to help you avoid!

The road to finding out what is the greatest snack in all the Disney and Universal Parks continues! And not just stateside, but around the globe! It’s Round 5! 4 Snacks remain! 1 from each conference; Disney East, Disney West, Universal USA & Disney International! Find out which 2 snacks are making it into the championship match next week! Vote on our Instagram stories for your favorite snack and help us crown the winner of the ultimate theme park yum yum! Find us @welikethemeparks

We aren’t just discussing our favorite theme park snacks in this episode!! Oh no! We are also talking about our least favorite Disney snacks as we help you avoid these grenades and make the most delicious snack choice you can while at the parks!

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Will your favorite snack make it to the next round? Or will it end up in the trash with our snack grenades?? All this madness and more, right here on the 132nd episode of the We Like Theme Parks Podcast!