WLTP #119 – Disney Snack Jeopardy & talking healthy food options at Disney Parks

On this episode of the We Like Theme Parks Podcast, we decide to get healthy at the parks!

Ever gone to the parks when you have dietary restrictions? Maybe your doing the keto, vegetarian or vegan thang!? Well, please meet our friends Sheena and Shelby from the Body by Beignets podcast! These gals are snack experts, especially when it comes to enjoying the parks while maintaining a healthy lifestyle!

This week, we talk all about making smart food choices in the Disney parks and how you can prepare yourself for your next trip. And since we are talking to snacks experts, Miriam pits Mark & Chris against Sheena and Shelby in a battle of the snack brains, as We Like Theme Parks goes head to head with Body by Beignets in a rousing round of Disney Snack Jeopardy!

Will Chris eat anything healthy in the parks? Can the crew at We Like Theme Parks show these snack nerds who’s the real treat champ? All this and even more nonsense, right here on the 119th episode of the We Like Theme Parks Podcast!