We Like Theme Parks # 303 – Is Genie Plus Worth It? And What’s Bondo Eating, The Game!

This week, Mark Andrada returns for a game for the ages! Bondo ate a ton during his two-week Disney adventure and today, the team is challenged with guessing what Bondo ate at every Disney restaurant he visited! How well does Miriam, Mark and Tinker J know Bondo’s stomach?! Let’s find out!
And also, guests visiting Disney for the first time want to know if Genie Plus is worth the spend during their park vacation. So today, the WLTP team has got your back, as we break down what it is, how to use it and if it’s worth the money!
So, grab a menu and think like a Bondo because this week’s pod is delicious! Join us for all the fun on this week’s episode of the We Like Theme Parks Podcast on the Chip and Co. Podcast Network!