We Like Theme Parks # 302 – What’s the Best Coaster in Orlando & Bondo Trip Report!

Bondo is back after his two weeks at Disney and Universal in Orlando and this week he reveals everything he learned from his latest experience at the park including crowd expectations, hotel vibes, acing virtual queues and abusing the parent swap system! Huzzah!And with special guest host, the Enchanted Esquire, Haley Huff, the gang rank the top coasters at Disney and Universal in Orlando!

Which coaster is the best? Tron? Cosmic Rewind? Hagrids or the Velocicoaster?! Tune in to find out!Bondo’s feet still hurt but his opinions are stronger than ever as he returns to the pod to dole out all the hot takes on this week’s episode of the We Like Theme Parks Podcast on the Chip and Co. Podcast Network!