The Villains League Final!! Hades vs. Jafar! Tamatoa vs. Mordu! Claude Frollo vs. Shan-Yu! And more!

Yes. It took a while….

But it’s finally here! The Villains League Final!!!

Mad Mark Andrada and his brute squad of ne’er do wells, The Monstars Inc. Laugh Floor, put it all on the line when they lock evil demon horns with the maniacal Marty Adams, and his creepy crew, The Judge Doom Buggies!

And which Disney Baddies will be getting nasty with their bad selves you ask?! Well, here they are…

Hades vs. Jafar!

Tamatoa vs Mordu!

Claude Frollo vs. Shan-Yu!

Pain and Panic vs. The Magic Mirror!

Iago vs. Diablo!

The Headless Horseman vs. Mankind from Bambi!

Who will win in this dastardly debate of demon debauchery and be crowned king of the underworld!?! It’s all right here in the 90th episode of the We Like Theme Parks Podcast!!!!