Disneyworld Parks re-opening reactions and The World Showcase Showdown! Mexico vs Germany & Canada vs China!

On this episode of the We Like Theme Parks Podcast, we get all the reactions from this weeks re-opening of the Disney parks in Florida… the good, the bad and the Disney! 

And, super guest, Second City alum, Saw 4 Co-star and Villains League finalist Marty Adams returns,  to get his debate on, in the next installment of the World Showcase Showdown, where we’ll decide who should advance in our tournament to crown a champion from the World Showcase lagoon! First, Miriam represents the land of beer and bratwurst, Germany as she goes toe to toe with Chris who represents his favorite showcase, Mexico!  Then, Marty representing China, squares off against Mark, representing the maple men to the north, Canada…..well kinda…you’ll see. Marty is gonna Marty…. 

Who will make it to the next round in this tournament of superpowers?! Join us for all this nonsense and so much more on this, the 69th episode of the We Like Theme Parks Podcast!

And on a serious note, we at the We Like Theme Parks Podcast proudly stand in full support for the Black Lives Matter movement. Check out www.aclu.org for information on how you can make a donation to support the cause.